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COVID-19 Coronavirus Prevention

COVID-19 Prevention. How can organisations protect and support their staff?

In partnership with the University of South Australia's (UniSA) School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, Kineo has developed the "COVID-19 Coronavirus Prevention" course to provide learners with an understanding of:

  • what the COVID-19 Coronavirus is, and the risk it presents
  • how we can help minimise the spread of the COVID-19 virus

We've done the hard work for you in partnering with industry experts so you can be at ease knowing your workers are in safe (hygienic) hands! .

This course includes

  • Certificate of completion
  • Interactive activities
  • SCORM content
  • SCORM deployment available
  • Video
  • Voice over
  • WCAG 2.0 AA accessible
Are you a manager responsible for health and wellbeing of your workforce? If so, then the Kineo and UniSA "COVID-19 Coronavirus Prevention" course will form part of an important strategy to implement a culture of compliance and education to reduce the spread of infection.
This 10-minute course includes interactive activities, video and engaging content that will educate your teams in how to prevent and stop the spread.
Developed in partnership with University of South Australia (UniSA) School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, our prevention course ensures best practice standards for educational quality and usability. 

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